American Bedding 12″ Plush Hybrid Pillow Top Gelled Memory Foam


12 Inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Pocketeded coil mattress. Plush mattress great for side, back sleepers and occasional stomach sleepers.



This 12 inch Gel infused hybrid Pillow top delivers a long lasting and comfortable sleep surface that is resistant to body impressions and has an ergonomic Pocketeded coil support with zoned edge support for a larger sleeping surface. The Unique design reduces partner disturbance for stability and consistency while you sleep.This Mattress has 10 Year full replacement Manufacture warranty

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  1. Shannon

    I got this for my daughter as a graduation present and she loves it!

  2. Ruby

    I’m in my new bed now and I don’t want to ever get out of it again! =)

  3. Sophie

    I am in heaven, I love how supportive this mattress is but it’s not hard. I am so happy right now!

  4. Edward

    So happy! Thank you Just Right Mattress Outlet!

  5. Penny

    Movie Night in my bed the first night ended with butter getting spilled on my new mattress =( I wish I had bought the mattress protector. I have one now so I’m not worried about the stain getting on my sheets so that’s good. Also, my mattress is still super comfortable!

  6. Levy

    Got this for my guest bedroom but ended up liking it more than my own so I put mine in my guest bed and kept this one for myself

  7. Prudence O.

    I have bought 4 different mattresses from other stores and had to donate all of them because they were awful. I bought this one and I am finally able to get a good night sleep. I am so glad I didn’t settle for the other mattresses because this one is exactly what I needed!

  8. Lily T.

    If I had only known how much my old bed was hurting me so bad I wouldn’t have waited so long to purchase this one! I am a very happy customer!

  9. Trudy

    I have lots of back issues, seems to be helping a little

  10. Eric F.

    I was going to by a California King but after texting with the staff I realized I don’t need in longer I need it wider so I bought the Standard King. I’m glad I talked to them they are super nice and respond super quick.

  11. Rocky

    It is crazy how this bed comes in a box but you would never know it after you pull it out. I am very happy with how supportive and comfortable this mattress is.

  12. Jaycee

    Recommending this mattress to all my friends!

  13. Amanda

    Love it

  14. Rick


  15. Jacklyn

    First bed I ever purchased on my own and I’m so happy! This mattress is super comfortable. I was a little nervous because when I first pulled it out there were a couple wrinkles in the top but they smoothed out after a couple days and now it’s perfect.

  16. Kimber

    Never realized how important it was to have a great mattress. It has made a difference!

  17. Bill E.

    This mattress is really comfortable mattress for side sleepers. I’ve tried and had to return others and this one’s the best!

  18. Becky

    I like mattresses firmer than this one. This one says plush apparently that means it’s softer I just misunderstood the term. My friend is going to buy this one from me though and I’m going to buy the firm version of this one.

  19. Amy

    Mattress arrived super quick husband said it’s comfortable I cant wait to try it when I get back from my business trip!

  20. Roy P.

    best money I have ever spent!

  21. Ashlee

    First night on this mattress and we love it already

  22. Tobi

    Considering I wasn’t able to try this in store first I did a great job picking out a mattress, the descriptions were helpful

  23. Brenda

    I thought it hype about pocketed coils was one of those sales gimmick things but I am telling you I don’t feel my partner move nearly as much on this mattress as I did on our last mattress that didn’t have the pocketed coils.

  24. Haley

    So surprised this mattress comes rolled in a box with so much comfort inside:)

  25. tim

    first few nights were rough so i contacted customer service they told me to give it a little time and they were right , I wasn’t used to all the support . Best mattress ever now!

  26. Tammy W.

    I usually go a little firmer but I was surprised that this mattress was not bad for being softer then I am used to.

  27. Nathan

    Best mattress I’ve ever had

  28. Jon

    I am really enjoying this mattress

  29. Bryce

    My ex got the Chattam and Wells in the divorce but I got one of these and they are still pretty comfortable.

  30. Trey

    Just what my wife and I needed

  31. Josh

    Don’t ever want to get up out of this mattress

  32. Victor

    I am impressed!

  33. Gabrielle

    Went to visit my sister and she has this mattress I tried it and loved it just ordered mine for my husband and I and i’m so excited for it to get here!

  34. Grace

    My mom loves her mattress, and I love her so I’m so glad I found this site!

  35. Alex

    This is a magic bed, I’ll never go with another mattress in my life. This has to be what hotel beds are because it’s amazing!

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