Clover Vive Hybrid


14 inch Medium Gel and Copper infused Hybrid, Pocketeded coil mattress. Plush Medium great for side and back sleepers.

Add a Foundation
1 × 13 inch Spacesaver platform frame
1 × Basic Box Wood foundation


Clover Vive 13.5” hybrid is the big sister of the Clover Brisa. Adding our very own Clover ReactTech Copper ™ in combination with Clover ReactTech ™ foam. Clover ReactTech Copper ™ is highly conductive pulling excess body heat away from your body maintaining optimal sleeping temperature. As well as promoting antibacterial for healthy sleep. Clover ReactTech ™ adjusts to your body temperature disbursing heat away from your body and reacting immediately each time you move. Unlike memory foam with a slow response and trapping heat, Clover ReactTech ™ will keep you within a few degrees of optimal sleeping temperature of 2-3 degrees lower than daytime temperature.
In addition, the top of the mattress is non quilted smooth top infused with Clover Tech Cool ™ . Keeping you comfortable by releasing energy through thermo management maintaining a regulated temperature.
In conjunction with and above industry standard, Clover Pouch Independent Coil ™ technology works seamless providing comfort and support promoting healthy sleep.This Mattress has 10 Year full replacement Manufacture warranty

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