Renue 10″ Medium Gelled Memory Foam


10 Inch Memory Foam mattress. True Medium mattress ideal for side, back, and occasional stomach sleepers



This 10 inch copper and gel infused memory foam delivers a comfortable sleep surface that is long lasting and resistant to body impressions. The gel infusion relieves pressure and provides a cooler sleep surface. This Mattress has 10 Year full replacement Manufacture warranty

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  1. Jacob

    Great bed, my girlfriend was super surprised when I told her I got it online. She said I lucked out because she had tried some before and they sucked. This one is great though, very happy with it.

  2. Zoey

    Perfect for what I needed!

  3. Layla

    Yay! A bed I can sleep on!

  4. Nora

    This bed is so pretty, the edges were a little squished when it first came out of the box but after two days it looks just like the picture and it is so comfortable. I love it!

  5. Carla

    I really like my mattress

  6. Chloe

    I really like my new bed!

  7. Luna

    Best Bed Ever!!!!!!

  8. Dylan

    My wife and I were having trouble sleeping because we both move around so much at night. Long story short we cant feel each other move as much and we are a lot more comfortable

  9. Aria

    Just right is right, this mattress is just right for me! =) Thanks guys for your help!

  10. Bodie

    Got this mattress for my daughter and she loves it

  11. Camila

    A little firmer then I would have liked but still comfortable.

  12. Mila K.

    Why is it so hard to choose a bed? I finally broke down and used the chat to talk to people on this website. They are super nice and they helped me pick this one. I am very happy with this bed It’s soft and supportive and cool. I love it!

  13. Kian

    My doctor recommended memory foam to me, glad it was easy to find. I has really helped

  14. Evelyn

    I’m very happy with my bed thank you!

  15. Abigail S.

    It’s the perfect thickness to fit my sheets and still be comfortable!

  16. Amelia

    I like how supportive this mattress is!

  17. Mia

    I was going to buy something cheap off Amazon but I’m glad I didn’t This one is fantastic!

  18. Ava

    I love this bed!

  19. Joey

    So cooling and comfortable

  20. Moose

    Very comfortable and affordable mattress

  21. Abby

    I had a memory foam mattress before and did not like it but I thought id give it another try and I love this mattress

  22. Sawyer

    Love this mattress and the cool top, don’t even want to put my sheets on it

  23. Devin

    best memory foam mattress i’ve had

  24. James

    This mattress is great my wife has a hard time getting comfortable and shes been sleeping great

  25. DJ

    100% the best mattress we have ever had

  26. Alfredo

    memory foam is not my favorite thought I’d give it another try cause my gf likes memory foam not too bad

  27. Olivia

    I sleep warm and I thought that meant I couldn’t do a memory foam mattress but after trying this mattress at my sisters house I was amazed so I got one myself.

  28. Ian

    I have nerve pain and this mattress has helped a lot with me getting a good nights rest

  29. Ann

    Very comfortable mattress, I recommend It

  30. Deanna

    I have never got a brand new mattress before and I feel so spoiled with how comfortable this mattress feels

  31. Rodney

    Got this shipped to my house in California love this company and the mattress

  32. Lola

    My husband got this mattress as a surprise and he did a great job picking it out.

  33. Sutton

    Found out I am a memory foam person , love this mattress

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