S7 Instant Comfort Smart Bed



A Premium Comfort Adjustable Mattress

Superior Construction, Quality, and Technology

If you enjoy the feeling of a memory foam mattress but desire the adjustability of an air-supported system, the Plush Comfort S7 is a great, moderately-priced bed that provides a luxurious sleep experience.  The patented smooth-top cover sleeps cooler than most quilted top mattresses, and its zippered panel gives you access to the comfort compartment.  Here is where you will find CertiPUR-US® Certified Convoluted Comfort Foam layer and a Ventilated ThermaPhase™ Gel-Infused Visco memory foam layer which makes rotating the foam layers for longer life much easier.  These foam layers contour above the air chambers that can easily be adjusted anytime with 45 unique number settings from 5 to 50.  The Plush Comfort  S7 bed comes with split foam, giving each side of the mattress its own customized comfort layers that can be easily upgraded or replaced at anytime.

The Plush Comfort S7 combines the latest technology, high quality components, and plush foam construction. All Instant Comfort® beds are made with over 40 years of mattress manufacturing excellence and are known to be one of the highest quality air-adjustable mattresses in the industry.

  1. Removable Aloe Vera Smooth-Top Cover
  2. Fire Barrier (encasing foam comfort layer)
  3. Gel-Infused Visco Elastic Comfort Layer
  4. Convoluted Foam Comfort Layer
  5. Center Panel with 3D Spacer Mesh
  6. 24-Gauge Anti-Microbial Vulcanized Rubber Air Chambers
  7. Support Foam
  8. Wrapped Foam Head, Foot, and Side Rails
  9. Zippered Bottom Cover

Individual control to raise and lower the head without disturbing your partner.
Dual Adjustable
45 levels of customized comfort on each side with programmable memory settings.
Cooling Technology
Cooling gel-infused foams provide comfort through the seasons.
Easy User Interface
Use an app or remotes with backlit, digital screens to make comfort adjustments.
Upgrades and Replacements
Large-tooth zippers allow for easy access to clean, upgrade, or replace layers.

Comfort Details

  • Smooth Aloe Top Cover
    Soothing to the skin, fibers repel both moisture and cold.
  • Fire Barrier
    A high-performance fire retardance with no halogens or fiberglass means worry-free sleep.
  • Gel-Infused Viscoelastic Foam
    Memory-type foam relieves pressure and keeps you cool.
  • Reversible Foam Comfort Layer
    Innovative foam for increased support and contouring above the dual-air chambers.
  • Stretch Mesh Center Panel
    Allows the bed to breathe and mirrors the programmed adjustment in the air chambers.
  • Air Chambers
    Each 24-gauge vulcanized rubber chamber (rated at 600 lbs.) is reinforced with anti-microbial cotton fibers.
  • Support Foam
    Shock-absorbing foam layer helps with the bounce when one lays down suddenly.
  • Lock-Tight™ Foam Edge Support
    Wrapped rails help prevent bowing and bulging on the side and offer a stable edge when sitting or sleeping.
  • Zippered Bottom Cover
    Large-tooth nylon zippers are self-sealing, jam-resistant, durable, and easy to open and close.

Total Height: Approximately 10 Inches

All components are replaceable and upgradable.


Build and Materials

CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam Components*, Convolute Foam Comfort Layer (1.8/28), Digital Control System with Wired Remotes, Gel-Infused Visco Elastic Foam (3.5/15), Reinforced Air Hoses, Removable Aloe Vera Smooth-Top Panel, Stretchable AirlayerTM Fabric Layer, Vulcanized Rubber Chambers covered with an Anti-Microbial Treated Cotton, Zippered Bottom Cover

Measurements of Components

1” Gel-Infused Visco Elastic Foam, 1” Support Foam, 1/4” AirlayerTM, 10” Total Mattress Height, 2” Convoluted Foam Comfort Layer (1.8/28), 6-1/2” x 3.5” Wrapped Side, Head and Foot Rails, 6” Air Chambers

Mattress Size

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Queen Double, Queen Flex, King, King Split, King Flex, Cal King, Cal King Split, Cal King Flex

Other Features

25-year limited warranty, Steel-reinforced kink-resistant hoses, Wireless control options

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